Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE NOTE: AS OF OCTOBER 1st 2023, NSW WILL BE ONE HOUR AHEAD OF QUEENSLAND UNTIL APRIL 7th 2024. CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS When you book an experience, dive or multiple dives with Sundive you are booking a limited space on your scheduled boat. Once you book, you have blocked the space, and it is saved for you. The day before your trip, we organise the appropriate amount of staff and resources for your diving day. As such, if you decide not to partake in any trip or dive on the day, for whatever reason, we will be unable to refund or reschedule it. We have a fair 24-hour cancellation policy if you need to change your booking for any reason. For these reasons, we are unable to refund, credit or reschedule cancellations for last-minute illnesses. Refunds are issued through our online card service provider 'Square' and although processed instantly on our side, they can take between 2 and 7 working days for refunds to appear on statements depending on the bank and card type. As of April 4th 2023 our service provider Square will no longer be issuing refunds for the 2.2% card fee. After this date, if a reservation is cancelled by the booker then the card fee will not be refunded. Alternatively, the full amount can be transferred to a gift voucher for future use. If the activity is cancelled by Sundive then a full refund including the card fee will be issued. For further info on Square's fees and refund timeframe, please visit this site: https://squareup.com/au/en

Launch Safety

LAUNCH SAFETY Our boats launch directly through the surf which at times can be time sensitive with water and waves. Our staff will help as much as possible if required but, for the safety of our staff and guests, we require our guests to be able-bodied for the launch, be able to react quickly and, have the physical strength, ability and fitness to jump on the boat and, pull themselves up the ladder after the dive. The trip out to the rock can be bumpy, and this, combined with the launch, makes our trips unsuitable for people with back problems or injuries that would be affected by such a journey. It is also a requirement that anyone booking for diving or snorkelling are able to swim 200m unassisted without a floatation device.

Medical Requirements

MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS Sundive's trips take place offshore at Nguthingulli Julian Rocks where there are no immediate medical facilities and the use of strenuous exercise may be required. Scuba diving, snorkelling and freediving can be strenuous physical activities, even in calm water, and may increase the health and safety risks for persons suffering from any medical condition (medicated or not) that may be made worse by physical exertion, such as, but not limited to, heart disease/conditions, lung disease/conditions and/or a previous history of pneumothorax or Immersion Pulmonary Oedema, liver disease/conditions, kidney disease/conditions, asthma, diabetic conditions, any previous history decompression sickness or loss of consciousness, panic, claustrophobia or, any medical condition that can result in loss of consciousness such as, but not limited to, epilepsy, allergies, high blood pressure, diabetic conditions or asthma. Sundive's trips are unsuitable for anyone suffering from or with a history of any of the above conditions, unless a full recreational SPUMS (South Pacific Underwater Medical Society) dive medical, with no caveats or special requirements, is provided signed by a SPUMS registered medical doctor. Please note that any other diver medical will not be accepted. For a list of qualifying doctors please visit: https://spums.au/index.php/diving-doctors-list

Age Requirements

AGE REQUIREMENTS Both SCUBA divers and snorkellers over 65 years of age require a doctor's medical performed within the last 12 months incorporating clearance for SCUBA diving or snorkelling but also including strenuous activity. This must be sent to Sundive before the day of your trip. If you are over 55 years of age and starting your PADI Open Water course you will also need to acquire a valid dive medical before starting the course. For SCUBA divers under the age of 18 years old, a SCUBA-certified parent or guardian must be present. In Australia, the minimum age for Open Water is 12 years old. Although certifications abroad may be retained younger, for compliance the minimum age to dive at Sundive is 12 years old with Junior Open Water. For snorkellers, the minimum age is 5 years old. The minimum age to take part in a Try Scuba experience is 12 years old. Any participant in any activity aged under 18 years of age must be joined and supervised by a parent or guardian

Diving Ability, Competence and Confidence

DIVING ABILITY, COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE Julian Rocks is an open ocean dive site that is frequented by all levels of divers; We are unable to predict a divers' competence by their qualifications or experience; this varies with every individual. However, please be aware that there can be strong swells, strong currents, strong surges, cold water and strong winds and it is a requirement that divers have the ability, fitness, confidence and competence to dive in such conditions. In the winter months, the temperature can drop as low as 17 degrees but averages around 20 degrees. If you are unsure about your ability to dive in the conditions above, you should book a private guide to look after you. Regular dives with Sundive are guided group dives, and as such, divers need to have the competence, ability and confidence at a level that won't negatively impact the group. We do try to group divers according to their experience but this is not always possible. If you or anyone in your booking are not a confident diver or there is any history of previous problems diving, please also book a private guide to give the attention needed. The minimum certification level is Open Water Diver, if you are below this certification level (eg PADI Scuba Diver) you will need to book a private guide. A refresher will be required if anyone in the booking hasn't dived within two years. If no diving in five years or more, then a PADI ReActivate course will be required.

Weather, Swell, Conditions, and Sea Sickness Medication

WEATHER, SWELL, CONDITIONS, SEA SICKNESS MEDICATION & NECESSARY EXPERIENCE Nguthungulli Julian Rocks is located on the Eastern most tip of Australia and, as such, is exposed to open ocean with strong current, strong waves and large swells. This can make surface conditions choppy. Sea sickness medication is highly recommended as even on what appear to be flat days, the unseen residual swell can still be significant. If you do suffer from sea sickness it is recommended to stick to one trip per day as refunds or cancellations can't be made at the last minute for sickness. Snorkelling participants must be strong swimmers capable of swimming 200m unassisted and have previous experience in snorkelling. We do not offer any form of snorkel training. This trip is unsuitable for people who have not snorkelled before.

Personal Items

PERSONAL ITEMS Sundive and its employees take no responsibility for personal items or dive gear that are brought onto our property or used during activities whether lost, stolen or damaged. With any activity, there is a risk of damage to personal gear from handling or normal use. Personal items are brought onto the property and stored or used at the owners' own risk. After your activity, please double-check that you have everything with you before leaving. Any items left behind will incur a $25 admin fee on top of postage and packaging for return if postage is needed. If personal items are not collected, they will be disposed of after three weeks.


WEIGHT AND SIZING RESTRICTIONS For operational and safety reasons there is an upper weight limit of 118kg (fully clothed) for individuals to take part in any trip. Our wetsuits are used as floatation devices that are a safety requirement for our launch. Therefore in addition to our weight limitation, we are also body size restricted by our range of commercial wetsuit sizes that range from XS to XL only. Please click on the link below to check on sizing, and that you will fit into one of our wetsuits. If your body will not fit into one of the wetsuits that we stock, you will need to provide your own wetsuit. If, on the day, you do not fit into one of our wetsuits and are unable to provide your own, we will be unable to take you on the boat and also unable to reschedule, credit or refund the booking.